I come from the historical town Trnava in Slovakia. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in the Studio restoration of  wooden polychrome sculptures. For one year I also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in the Studio of figural sculpture under the guidance of Giuseppe la Bruna, where I significantly improved my modeling figurative sculpture skills. I worked in Venice at Murano Berengo casting glass studio and collaborated on the casting process of glass for big artists such as Ai Weiwei and Tony Cragg.

Venice has become a very good basis for my inspiration. From old Venetian Arts to modern contemporary Artists that have led to the beginning of my own free creation.

Later I moved to London where I creating and live in hauseboat until today.

Along my beautiful and predictive restorer work of sculptures and architecture I spent time creating my own Art.

At my primary paintings I was focused to expressionistic style capture feeling of nature (Storm, The beginning, Hidden behind the cloud, Desert), where I learnt play with colors.

At the present are for me biggest motivation women in variety life situations. I am celebrating and admiring them. 

I feel their poverful, feminity and I would like capture this strong moments female gender ( Morning yoga. Pink panther, Jungle).

I also love paint symbols such as circles which represent mysticism and infinity of our life and spirit of universe.

I would like to capture these strong moments of human being and spiritualism of life ( Gold circle, Midnight).

For painting I am using various materials as mirrors, foils, wood, canvas paper, aluminum or graphic technique lyno-cut (Diana in Africa).

My another dedicate is creating figural sculptures from various materials such as bronze, glass, wood, plaster, or modern materials such as epoxy resins.

Actually I am learning to work with digital media and new techniques between two cities London and Folkestone.


  SARA CAMBALOVA .  saracambal@gmail.com.   2020