I come from a historical town Trnava in Slovakia. I was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in the Studio restoration of  wooden polychrome sculptures. For one year I was also studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in the Studio of figural sculpture under the guidance of Giuseppe la Bruna, where I significantly improved my modeling figurative sculpture skills.

I was working in Venice at Murano Berengo casting glass studio and collaborated on the casting process of glass for big artists such as Ai Weiwei and Tony Cragg.

Venice has become a great basis for my inspiration - the old Venetian Arts and its historical base was an integral part of my daily life.

Later I moved to London where I was creating and living in a houseboat I was enchanted by a modern contemporary art of a progressive city. I have been residing between two cities - London and Folkestone. Here is where also a huge part of my inspiration came from - surrounded by the sea with its waveforms and beautiful cliffs. 

Alongside with my beautiful and predictive restorer work of sculptures and architecture I spent time creating my own art.

With my primary paintings I was focused on expressionistic style, capturing a feeling of nature (Storm, The Beginning, Hidden Behind the cloud, Desert), where I was playing with colors.

In the present, the biggest motivation for me are the women in variable life situations. I am celebrating and admiring them. 

I feel their power and femininity and I would like to capture these strong moments of female gender (Morning yoga. Pink panther, Jungle).

I also love to paint symbols such as circles which represent mysticism and infinity of our life and spirit of the universe.

I would like to capture these strong moments of a human being and spiritualism of life itself (Gold circle, Midnight).

For painting I am using various materials such as mirrors, foils, wood, canvas, paper, aluminum or graphic technique lyno-cut (Diana in Africa).

My another dedication is creation of figural sculptures from various materials such as bronze, glass, wood, plaster, or modern materials such as epoxy resins.

Now I am learning to work with digital media and new technologies which complement my wide variety of modern art creation.

My current residency is a city of Prague, where I both paint in my studio as well as restore historical sights.


  SARA CAMBALOVA .  saracambal@gmail.com.   2020